One of the more recent units I’ve been working on with my students is creative writing. Unfortunately, Korean culture doesn’t cultivate creativity in their children. It just isn’t valued as highly as other characteristics and traits. At times, getting the kids to think outside the box is like pulling teeth. Below are a couple of the finished short stories they created. I hope you enjoy them.

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A long time ago, there was a boy named Justin. He wanted to be popular. He wanted to be a star. One day his producer friend asked him to audition in New York City. So Justin traveled to the Big Apple to turn his life around. When he arrived, he had to wait in a very long line full of people waiting to audition. But Justin was confident in his singing. The audition began and Justin sang his favorite song. Soon everyone stopped what they were doing to listen carefully. They fell into his sound. Justin felt his heart throbbing but was very happy. When he finished, people cheered and clapped. He passed the audition and returned to Korea to form a singing group with his Korean friends. Their new K-Pop sound became famous all over the world. Even more famous than Gangnam Style. 


One Night, Justin was walking along the street alone wearing his red t-shirt. He wanted to meet the girl of his dreams but he was too noisy to marry any Korean girls. Most girls were shy and didn’t like how dramatic Justin was. But one girl happened to see him. Red was her favorite color and he always wore red shirts. It was love at first sight and she was very enthusiastic about Justin. Her name was Avalon and she couldn’t think about anything except getting Justin’s phone number so she could call him. She grabbed his arm and smiled. Justin’s heart raced. They began to dance in the street and they sang together too: We got the moves like Jagger…

Avalon felt much more attraction toward Justin than before. And as more and more people crowded around the street to watch them dance, she noticed a talent scout. She pulled him into their dance circle and the three people danced. The talent scout was impressed and both Avalon and Justin became K-Pop stars. They also fell deeply in love with each other and lived happily ever after. 


3 thoughts on “$#*! My Students Say

  1. hahahaha… Looks like they have you pegged! Fame and true love. A+ for them. K-pop all the way! My favorite part was, “He wanted to meet the girl of his dreams but he was too noisy to marry any Korean girls.” Love it!

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