The third episode has become the final episode. The original idea presented four separate articles however, there is a curious lack of festivals between December and March. So the spring follows the autumn and there will be no winter festival posting. Please enjoy the final chapter in this blogging trilogy.

Move Over Moses...
Move Over Moses…
  • Jindo Miracle Sea Festival – Once a year in Jindo, the seas mysteriously part and visitors can walk through the sea from the mainland to a nearby island. This phenomenon is caused due to the difference in high tides and low tides, which creates a 2.8-kilometer-long road measuring 40 to 60 meters in width. The Jindo Miracle Sea Festival takes place at the same time as this phenomenon allowing people to ‘walk’ on water. The spectacular sight of the waves parting is widely known and many people travel to Korea from all over the world just to witness this amazing event. It’s PACKED though…
... I Can Fly Twice as High...
… I Can Fly Twice as High…
  • Hampyeong Butterfly Festival – The Hampyeong Butterfly Festival offers visitors the opportunity to get a closer look at ecology, in particular the region’s butterflies. During the festival period, the whole town of Hampyeong is a “veritable butterfly town,” covered with butterfly-themed lights and decorations. A medley of butterfly-themed events and programs shed some lights on one of nature’s most beautiful and delicate creatures, all while providing fun for the whole family. In addition to numerous exhibition halls featuring butterflies, insects, and water plants, there is even a “hands-on” area where visitors can see and touch a variety of animals and plants! The festival is a great opportunity for children to learn about nature in a fun, interactive environment.
No Caption Necessary
No Caption Necessary
  • Chuncheon International Mime Festival – The Chuncheon International Mime Festival presents a wide array of performances by hundreds of performing arts teams from Korea and abroad. Performances feature diverse genres include mime, music, dance, installation art, and short films. Not the festival of choice if you’re blind (the mimes don’t use sound effects)…
Free Willy!
Free Willy!
  • Ulsan Whale Festival – As one of Ulsan’s most important festivals, the ‘Ulsan Whale Festival’ is operated mainly in the form of Ulsan’s local folk programs and hands-on programs. The traditional Ulsan method of whale fishing is recreated off the coast of Ulsan. This recreation is based on historical evidence, with a large number of people dressed in traditional outfits who perform ‘Madangnori‘ that demonstrates the art of whale fishing. This is a great opportunity to observe traditional whale fishing. In addition, there are a wide range of programs to enjoy, such as Whale Singing Competition for amateur singers, water multimedia show and whale boat race contest. Other hands-on programs include whale market, whale watching trip and more.
Damn Yangees!
Dam Yangees!
  • Damyang Bamboo Festival – Located within a forest of 2.4 kilometers of bamboo, this festival is full of activities celebrating the beauty and function of the bamboo plant. More active visitors can test their skills during some of the festival’s scheduled river sports, such as ‘Log Rafting’ and ‘Water Bicycling’. After working up an appetite, visitors can please their palate with some of Damyang’s famous cuisines and other world foods featured at the Cultural Experience Center. This one reminded me of the bamboo forest I witnessed in Kyoto – though nowhere near as expansive.
This Festival is Actually Local
This Festival is Actually Local
  • Daegu Yangyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival – A tradition dating back 350 years, the Daegu Yangnyeongsi (herb medicine market) was an international market where herbal medicines from China, Russia, Europe, and other regions were sold. The herb medicine festival displays medicinal herbs found in Korea’s mountains and offers visitors an opportunity to experience a wide range of relaxing and curative traditional medicinal procedures. The Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival will be a fascinating event for international visitors who are interested in Korea’s medicinal herbs and the medical sciences and traditions of Asia.
I Wish I Shot This
I Wish I Shot This
  • Lotus Lantern Festival (Buddha’s Birthday) – Unlike every other festival mentioned thus far, the celebration’s of Buddha’s birthday occur all over the peninsula in both Korea’s, in every town, village, and city. Obviously, the larger the city, the larger the festival and consequently, Seoul and Busan boast the biggest. However, if anyone’s interested in celebrating the birthday of Buddha, lanterns, dances, food and drink, can be experienced in just about any place you’d look.

Until Next Time…



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