Necip Fazil High School
Necip Fazil High School

The namesake of the school at which I work is a man named Necip Fazil Kisakurek. Coming into the job with the perspective that I had little (if any) information about Turkiye, Turkish culture, and Turkish celebrities, I knew there would be a lot to learn. When I entered the school for the first time, I noticed the huge portrait etched into tinted glass hanging on the lobby wall, but I had no idea who this Necip Fazil was nor did I recognize his importance to Turkiye or to our students.

I wondered what my kids know about him. I was curious as to their thoughts and opinions about the man Samanyolu named their school after. That being said, I figured instead of simply writing facts and data about Mr. Kisakurek (that you can all google on your own anyway – or use the link at the bottom), I’d provide my readers at home with the opportunity to meet him through the eyes of the locals.



Nuri (16)

Necip Fazil was a positive thinker and a very good poet. I think we can learn a lot about his life. He says a lot of things about youth and life as a teenager. So as teenagers, we can learn a lot about life just from studying Necip Fazil. Our school is named after him because we should all try to model our lives after his. He is a role model for many people in Turkiye. He published his first poem in 1922 when he was only 19 years old. My mother used to read his poems to me when I was younger and she even bought me a book full of his writing. Whenever I read it, I’m filled with confidence and hope for my future.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Mutlu (15)

Necip Fazil was one of the most famous poets in Turkey. When someone reads his poetry, it is certain he will feel smothered in deep feelings because his poems are full of words and ideas that affect people in great ways. He had a way of drawing the mind to the heart and the heart to the mind, connecting logic with emotions. He forced people to think. He forced them to feel the truth in the moment and it was his hope that we would all grow in our quality. He taught the people of Turkey to hope. In short, he was able to conquer his heart and lose himself in it at the same time.

Burak (16)

Who was Necip Fazil? He was one of the most famous poets and playwrights of the 20th Century in Turkey. His popularity grew because of his use of effective imagery and profound themes in his poetry. He has a lot of fans, even today. Additionally, he is viewed as a Patriot for the Republic due to the many solutions he suggested for our nation. He predicted some of the problems we have faced since his death. He expressed these opinions and ideas in his magazine called, Buyukdogu, which means Grand East. According to him, Turkiye will grow strong and solve all problems through the peaceful mindset of Islam. That is the main reason why millions of people believe him to be a very important man.

Halas (15)

Necip Fazil was a great poet and writer of plays. What I like most about him is how clever he was. His poems are very deep, full of meaning, and are pleasant to listen to. He has a very interesting life story that helped him create beautiful words. He was an alcoholic at one point in his life and homeless during another. Many people looked on him pathetically, but one day he met a wise man who changed his understanding of the world. After, he began writing about hope and optimism – giving advice to young people and caring about living and sharing a better way of life with everyone.

A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man
A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man

Sedat (16)

Necip Fazil is one of the most important poets and Islamic philosophers. What makes him the best is the spirit of his poetry. It isn’t just beautiful words and shiny sentences. The spirit is found in the meaning and that meaning can change based on the mood of the person reading his writing. A lot of the time, he spoke about the other world – the world in which we will live forever – whether in pain or in comfort and joy. I think he wrote poems for the purpose of imparting knowledge on future generations. His poetry speaks to the young and his messages are universal. He knew knowledge is the most important weapon regardless of age or nationality. His life was full of suffering, but he is honored in death. That is one of the reasons we have given his name to our school – to honor his contributions in educating young people. It makes me sad though that over 50% of the students don’t know who he was or what he did for our country.

The Corpse’s Room

A room, blinds lowered, a candle on the floor
And on the floor a naked shirt vivified by its fear;
The shadows of nails on milk-white walls,
Now neither rustling nor sound of footfalls.
He lies flat in bed, all tall and long and dead,
Covered in a sheet pulled up to his head.
On the bed-clothes his toes leave their trace,

By candlelight so wan and languid and dull his face.
Hands to his sides, last breath spilled from his breast,
Eyes, a colored window, on the nailed wood ceiling rest.
At the corner of his drooping lips there is a line,
A little line, tiny, trembling for just a bit of time,
An instant hanging on his drooping lip atremble.
Clearly he went of a sudden without a struggle.
This is my own death, this is death for me.
When mine has come, this is how it will be. 

– Necip Fazil Kisakurek


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