Justin grew up in the Philadelphia area. After developing a passion for the creative arts (music, literature, film, theater), he obtained an Audio Engineering degree from Ohio University (with a minor in screenwriting) and pursued a career in film/television production. He spent five years producing radio, tv, and web content for dozens of clients through a local advertising agency (including Acura, EBgames, Saladworks, Trump Resorts, the Food Network, and more). He is also the author of a dozen short stories and screenplays and countless poems and song lyrics.

His recently completed works include:

And he is currently working on:


  • The 4th Philosophy (Historical Fiction)
  • The Aethereum Archives (Retro-Futuristic Young Adult Fantasy)
  • Code Injection (Science Fiction Thriller)
  • Companions of the Cave (Political Thriller/Alternative History)
  • Blood and Thunder (Young Adult Contemporary Fiction)
  • Imaginary Fiends: Summit of the Gods (Young Adult Fantasy)


  • Nothing You Can Know That Can’t Be Known (Memoir)

He developed a passion for traveling after having visited or lived in 33 out of the 50 US States (Florida, New York, and California for starters), so in 2012 he took his combined passion and talents halfway around the world to teach ESL – English as a Second Language – to the children of the Republics of Korea, Turkiye, and China, as well as Spain, Nepal, and Tunisia, hoping to not only be the teacher, but the learner of brand new cultures and ways of life.

Now, he lives in Alaska with his beautiful wife, Jen. She isn’t just his partner in adventure, she is integral in helping him develop his writing and acting as his daily muse. He hopes their journeys around the globe and presence overseas will promote and foster cross-cultural understanding, tolerance, mutual respect, and cooperation between people of all nations as well as providing the couple with a much needed perspective on living life within the United States.

In addition to his words, Justin hopes you’ll enjoy his photography, which has become a new passion. The articles posted here will be chock full of both as he travels the eastern hemisphere to share his adventures with his loved ones at home and some new friends over the Interwebz. You may have already enjoyed some of the images from the Far East, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Keep on the lookout for more from the Last Frontier.

He invites you to share in the adventure and as the Beatles said, “… I’d love to turn you on…”

Twitter: @jlnovelli




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